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Dear Fellow Rav-SIG Members,

In response to the recent launch of the Research Groups project, I
would like to know if anyone is interested in forming research
groups focusing on the lineage of the following rabbis.

Lineage -- ancestors and/or descendants of:

1) MOHR'R (Benjamin) Ozer ben Meir Katz (no surname)
- died 1710, Zhokva, Ukraine (formerly Zolkiew, Poland)
- descendant of Shlomo LURIA, the MaHaRaSHaL
- Av Beit Din Klimontow, Poland
- author of "Even Haozer," a commentary on the "Arbah Turim"
- daughter Miriam was the wife of Yehuda Leib of Pinczow, who was a
descendant of:

2) Moshe Kharif (no surname)
- Av Beit Din Ulanow

Also, there are three of us so far researching:
3) Fishel of Strykow (surname: SZPIRO / SHAPIRO)
- born 1743, Balta, Ukraine; died 1822, Strykow, Poland
- Av Beit Din Strykow
- a student of Elimelech of Lyzhansk
- descendants include: SZPIRO, KOZLOWSKI, LEWIN (related to the
Aleksanderer and Gerer Rebbes), FROMAN, ERLICH, LEWI,
- Polish towns of descendants include: Brzeziny, Ruda Maleniecka,
Jedrzejow, Grojec, Przysucha, and many others.

Please contact me regarding any of the above.

Shirley Rotbein Flaum
Houston, Texas

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