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Good evening & Shana Tova to you...

I'm not sure if this is the correct address to contact but I am
hoping you can at least refer me to the correct person who would be
able to help.

My story is as follows ...

I was born Berenice SHEIHAM in November 1959.
My parents were Israel SHEIHAM & Rita Betty LIEBERMAN.

My mother & grandmother (Beatrice LIEBERMAN) arrived in South Africa
sometime after WW2 >from Nottingham England where my mother was born.
My mother passed away in 1983 and as far as I am aware I have no
living relatives on her side.

Until 3 years ago I believed that my mother's family were all born
in England. My daughter had to do roots project as part of her Bat
Mitzvah programme and we uncovered some facinating information.

My great grandfather, Bernard GINZBURG, was a rabbi >from Riga,
Latvia. He married Fanny JACOBSON and they had 2 sons Julius and
Harry. When Fanny died, Bernard in biblical fashion married her twin
sister Sarah Rose JACOBSON. Rabbi Bernard and Sarah immigrated to
Cape Town, South Africa in the late 1800s and proceeded to have 7
children, of which my grandmother Beatrice was one.

I believe that Rabbi Bernard was a guard in one of the British
concentration camps during the Boer War.

The entire family moved to Wales in the early part of the 20th

Rabbi Bernard was very musical and some of his tunes are apparently
still sung/played in British Shuls.

The childrens names were: Harry, Julius, Florrence, Lionel, Minnie,
Beatrice, Lilly and Evelyn.

That is the sum total of what I know and I'm hoping there is some
way I can find out more information on my great grandfather. I would
love to be able to trace copies of some of the tunes and music he

Many thanks for taking the time to read my letter.

Berenice McArthur
Johannesburg, South Africa

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