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I would like to thank everyone for all the responses to my inquiry
regarding R' Yaakov Yitzhak Rabinovich. I received quite a bit of
information. Now I am trying to connect all the pieces together.

I now have a new question. We had a family member who was an Av
Bais Din in Troky, Poland which is now Trakai Lithuania. His name
was R' Yehuda Leib KORMAN. How can I find more information on him?

Thank you.
Melinda Korbman

GREEN - Bychawa & Kieleczewice, Poland,
STERN - Bychawa, Poland
RUBENSTEIN - Kielczewice, Poland
HAMMERMAN - Modliborzyce, Poland
SUSSER/SHUSSER - Lepel, Belarus
EACHER - Krinki, Poland

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