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Nancy Holden

I am interested in information about Rabbi Shmuel ben Moshe, Rabbi
of Sislevitz. author of the book "Shem Shmuel", homiletics on the
Torah, published 5459 in Frankfurt (Oder) and again in 5656 in
Podgorze (?).

If the first edition was published during, or soon after, his
lifetime and the date (>from Friedberg, "Beis Eked Sforim") is
accurate, he must have been Rabbi in Svisloch about 300 years ago!
Does anyone know if this book is available in any library?

If anyone has seen this book, perhaps they can tell me if there is
biographical information about himself, his family and his community
in the introduction.

It has come to my attention that N .Y. Goldenberg of Brooklyn, NY,
has republished the first edition. Can anyone help me trace this

I want to thank everyone who has responded to my requests for
information about rabbis and scholars in Svisloch.

Nancy Holden

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