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On 2002.10.22, Leslie Reich [mailto:lreich@tiscali.co.uk] wrote:

There is no known familial connection between the Taz and the

The work 'Mishpochot Atikot' has its uses, but is full of gross

I have not had access to the Paul Jacobi material, but I do not
believe all the above emanated >from such a careful researcher as he.

There seems to be a typo in his paragraph 3, when he refers to
Rashi's ancestry. Any published account of this should be regarded
as not proven.
Regarding Leslie Reich's reply, I note preliminarily that I was
trying to indicate the traditional genealogies without commenting
on their reliability, while providing some of the sources so that
individuals could research further and make their own determinations
Such traditional genealogies are subject to all the cautions
normally associated with using such Rabbinical traditions, this
being said:

1. The reference to Rashi in the beginning of paragraph 3 is a typo.
The reference was to the TaZ.

2. Concerning the authenticity of the descent of the TaZ >from Shmuel
Hachasid, I have the same reservations regarding their authenticity,
but was merely stating the tradition. In a private reply to another
party I noted the following:

"The ancestry of the TaZ given by Shapiro in Mishpachot Atikot
BeYisrael is traditional and I have seen many variations. Meir
Wunder has one listed as well in Elef Margoliot. They are
drawing on older sources but how accurate they are I cannot say."

3. I do not know the accuracy of R. Shlomo Luria's tradition of the
descent of Rashi's great-grandfather Abun and his descent >from Rabbi
Moses the Elder of Lucca. Rabbi Luria lived in the 16th century and
he was writing about events preceding him by 600 years. There is no
other verification of this tradition and it must be used with

4. I have never seen any review of Zuckerman's thesis regarding the
origins of the Narbonne academy and the relationship of R. Moses of
Lucca to Rabbi Machir or the identification of R. Machir with the
defeated Exiliarch candidate Natronai. Some (but not necessarily
all) of Zuckerman's arguments in "A Jewish Princedom" are well
thought out and would explain the tradition that Rashi's maternal
uncle, Rabbi Simeon the Great, was of Davidic descent.

5. There is sufficient responsa and other material available
verifying that the TaZ's material grandfather was Isaac b. Bezalel.

I will review for a later posting the Jacobi's materials in my
possession regarding the relationship with the Kalonymus family.

Larry Tauber

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