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4. I have never seen any review of Zuckerman's thesis regarding the
origins of the Narbonne academy and the relationship of R. Moses of
Lucca to Rabbi Machir or the identification of R. Machir with the
defeated Exiliarch candidate Natronai. Some (but not necessarily
all) of Zuckerman's arguments in "A Jewish Princedom" are well
thought out and would explain the tradition that Rashi's maternal
uncle, Rabbi Simeon the Great, was of Davidic descent.
I have read some decades ago several reviews of Prof. Zuckerman´s
book by noted historians in History journals. Although I don´t know
anymore, who the revievers were (I believe Prof. E. Hlawitschka was
one of them), I recall that they unanimously were very critical - to
say the least - about Zuckerman´s main findings and interpretations.
This does of course not necessarily mean that Zuckerman was wrong,
but it is probably not uninteresting to know that most historians in
this field don´t agree with Zuckerman about his arguments presented
in his "Jewish Princedom in Feudal France".

Gregor Brand, Bargstedt, Germany

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