Re: Interesting facts about Naptha #galicia

Alexander Sharon

I am afraid that this is misunderstanding.

Nafta (naphta) dealers and distillers refer to the crude oil
merchants and oil refiners.

Main use of the refined product in the earlier stage has been
"kerosene" used in the oil lamp and oil heaters. Lately, another
product of the oil refining, known as "benzyna", has been used for
the automobiles.

Alexander Sharon,
Calgary, Ab

Robin Meisner <the.meisners@...> wrote...

In my research I was studying the occupations of the neighbors of
my great grandparents' family in Rzeszow and Nowy Sacz, Galicia,
and there were Naphtha dealers and distillers. I had wondered about
the uses for it back then... Here is what I found when I was reading
in various historical sites....

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