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I wanted to update on my research on this "Karliner" rabbi. I have
concluded that I have no direct connection to him. Here is what I

All the information was taken >from his books: Chidushe Halachot
on Pesach, Sheilat Shmuel, Sheerit Hapleta and Tosefta (1837). In
addition I looked at Gevurot Haari on the EPSTEIN family of Horodno
(is this the same as Grodno? g and h interchangable) born to his
father Avraham in Slonim (when?) his brother Nisan Yechiel had a
son Yosef.

S.A had 4 children:

1. Yosef Zvi
2. Yehoshua Aryeh Leib. had 2 sons: Benyamin Aharon and Moshe Chaim.
Benyamin Aharon married Freuda daughter of Zvi Hirsh and Maryusha
POMERANZ. (Two other daughters of POMERANZ married Shimshon
POCHACHEVSKI and Yosef KOSOVSKI.) Benyamin Aharon mentions his
uncle, aunt and cousin, Itzchak Isac EISENBERG and his wife and
daughter Meita and Chaya Rivka. How exactly are they related to
him I couldn't tell.
3. A daughter who married Mordechai Leib SOLOVEITCHIK of Karlin.
4. A daughter who married Noach Eliyahu HACOHEN-SHAPIRA of Minsk.

Shmuel Avigdor is a descendant of the EPSTEIN family, his father
is the son of Chaya daughter of Rivka (and Aryeh Leib b. Shmuel),
daughter of Zeev Wolf EPSTEIN son of Mordechai VILNER-EPSTEIN son
of Yehoshua EPSTEIN of Vilna.

Hope this can help. I think the main thing I've added is the family
name of Shmuel Avigdor's s-i-l Mordechai Leib: SOLOVEITCHIK.

Bernard Rosinsky

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