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This week's Jewish Press's Machberes column contains limited
information. However, there is other information of interest to
Ravsiggers. Machberes notes
- the attendance of several local rabbis at a meeting of the
Chevra Kadisha of Bikur Cholim of Boro Park,
- the visit of the current Bobover Rebbe, Rabbi Naftali Zvi
Halberstam in London, and
- the coming anniversary of the death of the Lijensker Rebbe,
R. Elimelech Weissblum (1717-1787), author of Noam Elimelech.

A separate story, not available on the website, notes the passing of
the Strettiner Rebbe of Flatbush, Rabbi Shlomo Flam (1929-2003).
The fifth of eight children, he was the son of Rabbi David Flam and
Sara Langner. The report notes that Rabbi David Flam was descended
from the Sar Shalom, founder of the Belz Chassidic dynasty, Rabbi
Shlomo Lutzker, and R. Shmuel Aharon Rubin, the Kortchiner Rav.
Rabbi Sholom Falm's mother, Sara Langner, and her brothers,
R. Shlomo Norayaver Langner and R. Yitzchak Isaac Langner, were the
children of the previous Strettiner Rav, Rabbi Moshe Langner of
Toronto, and descended >from the Ziditchov, Kahliver and Strettiner
Chassidic dynasties as well as >from the Tosfos Yom Tov [i.e., Rabbi
Yom Tov Lipman Heller]. Rabbi Moshe Langner's father, R. Yehuda
Hirsch Langner, was the author of Degel Machane Yehuda.

Rabbi Sholom Flam was survived by his brothers, R. Yisroel Flam of
Spring Valley and R. Shlomo Flam of Rechovot, his sisters Chana
Rochel (wife of R. Tovia Preschel) of Jerusalem, and Leah Nemetsky
of Brooklyn, his wife, Beila, the daughter of the Turka Rebbe of the
East Side, R. Yechiel Michal Brandwein, and his children, Malkie
Weinberg, who married R. Yehuda Weinberg of the Slonim dynasty,
Miriam Moscowitz of Lakewood, R. Mechel Flam of Lakewood (whose
daughter Yocheved Flam recently married R. Yehoshua Heschel
Flintenstein, son of R. Y.M. Flintenstein, the Kopshnitzer Rebbe of
Jerusalem), Tzirl Sternberg, R. Moshe Flam (new Strettiner Rebbe),
R. Dov Berel Flam and R. Dovid Flam of Lakewood.

Additional stories this week, which should be available on the
website, include
- the second installment of a series on the Transnisteria Death Camp,
- the Po-Lin column which covers the Kolbuszowa region and refers to
the availability of YIVO's Shtetl Photo catalogue at
http://yivo1000towns.cjh.org, and
- the life of Rabbi Abraham ben Samuel Zacuto (1452-1525), whose
astronomical tables were used by Columbus and is the author of a
famous book on genealogy "Sefer Ha-Yuhasin."

I am expanding this week's report to include some additional items of
interest >from two other Jewish papers to which readers might not have

The January 31, 2003 edition of Yatid Ne'eman has biographies of Rav
Eliezer Gordon (1841-1910), Roshe Yeshiva of Telshe, and Rav Moshe
Kliers (1874-1934), the Rabbi of Tiberius.

The February 7, 2003 edition of Yated Ne'eman contains biographies
of R. Yecheil of Alexander (d. 1894), R. Yaacov Elazer Freidman (d.
2002) and R. Avraham Abba Friedman (d. 2002), and lists the upcoming
Yahrzeits of 11 rabbis.

The January 31, 2003 edition of HaModia contains the following:
- a notation on an agreement between Yad VaShem and Hungary for the
copying of over one million documents relating to Hungarian Jews,
of which 150,000 have already been delivered to Yad VaShem,
- a biography of R. Avraham Landau of Tchechnov (1789-1875), son of
R. Rafael Duvshinsky, and son-in-law of R. Dan Landau (R. Avraham
Landau's children were R. Zev Wolf of Strikov, R. Berish of Biala
and a daughter who married R. Shmuel of Shineva),
- announcement of the publication of a four-volume treatise on
Lithuanian Jews entitled "The Holocaust in Lithuania, 1941-1945:
A Book of Remembrance,"
- a 'This week in History' column listing which includes the
"Yahrtzeit" for 23 prominent rabbis and
- a column entitled Community News. Community News notes
(1) the passing of Shifra Rubin, the wife of R. Shmuel Schmelke
Rubin, the Sulitzer Rebbe of Far Rockaway. She was the daughter
of the Stroznitzer Rebbe, R. Yissachar Ber Rosenbaum, son of the
Nadvorna Rebbe, R. Itamar Rosenbaum. Her mother, the column
states, was the daughter of R. Bertche Leifer of Satmar. The
column notes she is survived by her sons R. Yaacov Yisrael
Yeshurun Rubin, R. Asher Yeshaya Rubin, and has four son-in-law,
R. Nachum Ephraim Teitlebaum, R. Yisrael Elizer Hager, R. Chaim
Meir Yechiel Rubin and R. Menachem Mendel Paneth. Names of the
daughter are listed in the Unbroken Chain. As noted in last
week's report, the Rosenbaum family is descended >from R. Meir
the Great of Premishlan. Rebbitzin Shifra's mother, Chaya Esther
Leifer, was also descended >from R. Meir the Great of Premishlan.
Her father R. Issacher Dov Bertche Keifer, was the brother of
R. Meir Rosenbaum, both being the sons of R. Mordechai Leifer of
Nadvorna. Since R. Meir was the father of R. Itamar Rosenbaum,
Shifra's parents were first cousins.
(2) the birth of a granddaughter to R. Chaim Feinstein, son of
R. Michal Feinstein of Bnai Brak, and to R. Yeruchem Povarski,
son of R. Baruch Dov Povarski, Rosh Yeshivah of the Ponovezh
Yeshiva (curiously, neither parent's name was mentioned),
(3) the marriage of Rav Elazer Shach's great-grandson, grandson
of Rav Shach's son-in-law R. Meir Tzvi Bergman (neither the groom
nor the bridegroom's names are given), and
(4) the brit milah of the grandson of R. Yeshaya Kanievsky who
is the son of R. Chaim Kanievsky who in turn is the son-in-law
of R. Yosef Shalom Elyashiv (neither parent's name is given).

The February 7, 2003 edition has
- biographies of R. Shmuel David Ungar of Nitra (1886-1945), R.
Avrohom Shlomo (Sydney) Greenwald, of Monsey who died last week,
- the week in history with the Yahrzeits of 12 rabbis, and
- the Community News section which notes several marriages in the
Chassidic community (unfortunately, most of them list the titles of
the various rabbis involved but not their names).
- Interestingly, the Yahrzeit listing refers to R. Dovid Povarski,
whose family is noted above, and to that of R. Eliezer Lippman, who
it is noted, was the father of Reb Zushia of Anipoli and R.
Elimelech listed above.

Both Yated Ne'eman and HaModia report on an agreement by the Czech
Interior Ministry to provide greater access to government archives
relating to Jewish life.

Shabbat Shalom,

Larry Tauber

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