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On 2003.02.18, Avraham Heschel <bict@safeaccess.com> writes:

Whenever practical a son or son-in-law was chosen to succeed the
previous rabbi. The larger cities would often invite a rabbi >from a
smaller town. The smaller towns would often ask the leading rabbis
of the time to "recommend" a star disciple.
I understand, also, that some rabbis were "appointed" by the civil
authorities and were named in Hebrew "Rav mita`am" --"rabbi in
behalf of."

Can someone tell us more about this practice. Also, how did the
community rabbis differ >from the Av Bet Din (AB"D), literally
"Father [superior] of the House of Law [court for Jewish law]" who
had been regarded as the senior rabbi in Jewish communities as far
back as the early middle ages?


Michael Bernet,
New York

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