ViewMate 9501- marriage record from Mielnitsa #galicia

Anita Frankel

Thank you to all the wonderful people who translated the German words
in this bride's record. I thanked everyone individually; but, in case
I missed anyone: thank you.

I received almost thirty responses, and this seems to be the general

The bride's given name is Hindy (probably Polish version of German

The next words are "tochter des" = daughter of.

Followed by her father's name: Leb Ber SCHACHTER.

A problem arose with the third letter >from the end of his surname.
It looks for all the world like an "l". But as one correspondent
noticed, another entry containing the same letter would have to read
"Jenle", rather than Jente. So we conclude it is a partially formed
"t" and his name was SCHACHTER, my maiden name.

This record is contained in the Galician films recently made
available at the Family History Library. I find it especially
interesting because I have never seen this type of entry before in
Galician marriage records.

Thanks to all,


Anita Frankel

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