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I would like to let you know that the February 2007 issue of
Sharsheret Hadorot (Vol. 21, No.1) has just appeared.

Dr. Jeff Malka presents us with a wide range of Sephardic family
names, their various types and the changes that occurred with them
in accordance to the time and place they were used.

Dr. Michael Toben contributes on the immigration of Jews >from
Eastern Europe to London’s East End.

Professor Daniel Wagner reports on the fascinating work that a group
of Polish and Israeli volunteers are carrying out in the restoration
of the unique cemetery of his ancestral town of Zdunska Wola, Poland.

Ms. Rose Feldman describes a project that deals with Pages of
Testimony that Yad Vashem has posted on the Internet.

Mr. Israel Pickholtz delineates the new restrictions that the
Ministry of the Interior has placed on access to records vital to

Finally the late Mark Usden wrote on Detective Work on the Dorins.

Closing this issue we have the abstracts of articles on Jewish
genealogy >from around the world; the short story by Dr. Yehuda
Klausner of an incident >from the rabbinic world; the column by our
librarian Mrs. Harriet Kasow and a book review on the interesting
book by Dr. Edward Gelles of London.

With best wishes, Yocheved

Yocheved Klausner, Editor
Sharsheret Hadorot (bilingual: Hebrew and English)
Israel Genealogical Society (IGS)

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