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My grandmother, Mrs. Frieda FRIEDMANN o"h, wife of Dr. Mendel
FRIEDMANN zt"l, mentioned that she was a descendant of Rabbi Abraham
David WAHRMAN, the Buczaczer Rebbe zt"l. Unfortunately, she's not
around anymore and I cannot figure out the connection.

My grandmother's maiden name was STEIN. Her mother's maiden name
was AUERBACH and her mother's mother's maiden name was HELLER. My
great-grandmother's father's mother's maiden name was RATT and his
mother's mother's maiden name was EPSTEIN. Are any of these surnames
prevalent in the WAHRMAN family?
Where is your grandmother from? I found in Meorei Galizia the
following: Yakov Yitzchak b. Yosef Yehoshua (son in law of A.D.) who
married Sara bat Yosef Yoske GUTTESMAN s.i.l. of R. Meir of Przeymsyl.
The text is unclear but one of them is a grandson of Meshulam Feivush
HELLER of Zbariz (not Zborow?).

My guess is that it is Yaakov Yitzchak himself, since he was AB"D in
Zbariz, and Wunder writes "He (who?) replaced his grandfather M.F.
HELLER as AB"D in Zbariz".

By the way... My ancestors have a very interesting naming pattern that
clearly shows they were either very devout chassidim or related to
A.D.: Levi Itzchak EIGEN (A.D's rabbi was Levi Itzchak of Berditchev)
had a son Avraham David who had a son Asher Anshil (A.D.'s father's

Philip Rosinsky

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