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In the Encyclopedia Meorei Galitzia it says that a rabbi named Aharon
STERNKLAR was the Av Beis Din of Chodorov. Then I read in Dr. Neil
Rosenstein's book "The Unbroken Chain" that the son of R' Moshe
TEITELBAUM the Chassidishe Rebbe married the daughter of a Rabbi
Aharon who it says was the Av Beis Din of Chodorov.

I am the son of a daughter of a daughter of Rabbi Shmuel STERNKLAR who
married Hinda ARAK a sister of Rav Meir ARAK. After his marriage Rabbi
Shmuel STERNKLAR's last name became ARAK. Rabbi Shmuel STERNKLAR's
father was named Aharon and his father Shmuel.

Is there any connection with the above mentioned Rabbi Aharon who was
said to be the Av Beis Din of Chodorov? If so what was it? Were they
the same person even? Also, my father's mother's father was an
Aleksanderer Chassid named Rav Zev Volf PRAG HaKohen. He lived in Lodz
Poland. He and\or his wife I don't know her name was\were descendents
of the Noda B' Yehuda and the same can be said for them about descent
from the Magen Avraham and the Yismach Moshe's daughter.
If anyone can help with connections or ancestry for anyone of the
above I would be most grateful.

Yisrael Asper

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