Jewish Life In Lwow 1939 Old Film.wmv #galicia

Galicia Forever <vladis@...>

Dear all!

It is possible to get this film >from Polish site:

Jewish Life in Lwow 1939 - film
Jewish Life In Lwow 1939 Old Film.wmv

"Jewish Life in Lwow 1939" (Zycie Zydow we Lwowie 1939)
password/haslo: xxxx [Password removed by moderator.]

Vladimir Semenov

Moderator's Note: We thank Vlad for this link but cannot broadcast
his password. The 10-minute film is one of 300 films made available
online by the Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive at the Hebrew
University of Jerusalem. Go to
<>, then click
"Jewish Communities" to access it and other films (including ones
on Kolbuszowa and Krakow). "Jewish Life in Lwow" can also be
accessed directly at

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