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Bruce Drake <bruce.drake@...>

I have learned a lot on the website about doing searches and have
made progress in trying to trace the various lines of my family,
most branches of which came >from Galicia. But I haven't made much
progress on my paternal grandfather, Samuel Drach, who was born in
1884 in Wojnilow (now Voynilov) and came to New York in 1904. I know
only that his father was named Jacob and he listed his mother as
Helen (nee Shippar, although the handwriting wasn't completely
clear). I see listings for many Drachs in Wojnilow and its environs
in the census on JewishGen, but none that remotely correspond to
his parents' names. The only other thing I know, through a
surviving relative, was that his first mother died early and he left
home at 13 because he didn't care for his stepmother. (I don't know
if the Helen Shippar was his natural mother or stepmother.)

I have also been unsuccesfully trying to establish the link between
my grandmother Anna (Ebert) Drach and a Friede Ebert of Bukaczowce,
who married an Abraham Mandel. I know >from a fellow participant on
JewishGen that Friede was a connection between my grandfather's
family (obviously through the Ebert side) and the Mandel line, but
other than knowing that Friede and Anna had different parents --
Friede's were Sam and Sylvia (Gross), and my grandmother's were
Mordechai and Neche (Kleinfeld) -- I cannot establish the
relationship. So, if anyone here is researching similar names and
has information, I'd appreciate that too.

If there is anything further I should try, I'd be grateful for

I also had one other question. While it is unlikely I would pursue
this to the point of visiting Voynilov, I assume given the fate of
its people in the Holocaust, there would be no great gain in doing
so. Is that right or wrong?

Bruce Drake

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