Jacob DRACH in Vienna #galicia

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Bruce Drake wrote:

<<...I haven't made much progress on my paternal grandfather, Samuel
DRACH who was born in 1884 in Wojnilow (now Voynilov) and came to New
York in 1904. I know only that his father was named Jacob and he listed
his mother as Helen (nee Shippar, although the handwriting wasn't
completely clear). I see listings for many DRACH in Wojnilow and its
environs in the census on JewishGen, but none that remotely correspond
to his parents' names. The only other thing I know, through a surviving
relative, was that his first mother died early and he left home at 13
because he didn't care for his stepmother. I don't know if the Helen
Shippar was his natural mother or stepmother.>>

I checked the Zentralfriedhof Vienna at
<http://friedhof.ikg-wien.at/search.asp?lang=en> and found two DRACH
who could fit as Bruce's gt-grandfather and his second wife. Katharina
would have been 23 when she married Jakob after Helene's death. [Samuel
was 13!]

As there are quite a few DRACH in Vienna, this may be pure coincidence
but it is worth checking out. Jacob would have been only 22 when Samuel
was born. Jacob may have been a refugee >from Galicia in WW1. This is a
hypothesis waiting to be demolished, but one must not leave any stones

Zentralfriedhof Vienna Gate IV. Group 11 Row 13 grave 24
DRACH Jakob age 61 died 13.04.1923 buried 15.04.1923
DRACH Katharina age 54 died 28.04.1928 buried 30.04.1928

Celia Male [U.K.]

PS: If I have time, I will investigate on my forthcoming trip to Vienna.

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