Brzesko- A New Digitalized Book #galicia

Abuwasta Abuwasta

Dear Genners and Siggers,

While googling my maternal surname KONIGSBUCH (this is how it
spells without the umlaut) and Brzesko, I discovered a 5 volume
book called "Kronika Miasta Brzeska 1385-1944" written by Jan
Burlikowski (1912-1997). Further search disclosed under
"konigsbuch brzesko fragmenty" a chapter about the Jewish victims
in WW2. (It is a 19 page document). Further digging disclosed that
the book is digitalized in both printed book format (item 144) and
typed manuscript format (item 145).

There are big differences between the book format where the Jewish
names start on image 121 and the typewritten version and the google
19 page version. In any case the lists disclose quite a lot and I
even discovered a member of my tribe I was not aware of.

Jacob Rosen
Amman, Jordan

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