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In general, the Jews of Galicia, and all of pre-partition (1772)
Poland, were given some refuge in the kingdom of Poland over the
course of the late middle ages 1300-1600. Throughout this time
period, Jews in France and Germany suffered various local
persecutions and pogroms. An excellent book is "The History of the
Jews in Russia and Poland" by Simon Dubnov for much about this. I
have yet to see much material on the migration of the Ashkenazi
into Germany and France before 1300. I think it's safe to assume
they were residents of the Western Roman Empire in Italy and France
and the Rhineland (and even England, which expelled all Jews in the
mid 1200's) - but it's not clear if most would have moved north
from Italy during the dark ages (600-1100) or if most were already
in what is today France and the Rhineland.

It's a fascinating story, and one part I find puzzling is the origin
and staying power of Yiddish in that time.

Dave Richter
Bloomfield Michigan

RICHTER/BRENNER/WEISS Stanisalwow (ivano-Frankivsk)

Jordan Zakarin <> wrote...

... I read that the Jews of Galicia
originally came to Galicia in the middle ages >from Germany. Does
anyone know anything about this? And, does anyone know if they
went to Germany >from somewhere else even earlier?

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