Seeking information about nobleman ?SKINETSKI? from Rzeszow area #galicia

Beth Sommer <bethfsommer@...>

I have been told that my MGGM, Frymet FELD GREHER, who lived in
the Rzeszow area, worked as a purchasing agent for a nobleman. I
have been trying to find out his exact name and about his family.
His name was pronounced something like Yadviga Skinetski or
Skenitski. His father was a general. I would like to know how his
name is spelled and would appreciate any other information any of
you can offer.

I would appreciate your help. You may respond privately.

Thank you.

Beth Fagin Sommer
Philadelphia, PA

Researching FEIGIN/FAGIN(Voronezh>NY), STAROSELSKY(Voronezh>NY),
LEIBNER(Nowy Zmigrod>NY), GREHER/GREIER/FELD(Rzeszow/Tyczyn>NY,NJ)

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