Tracing the surnames GLINERT & KLARNET #galicia

Barb & Howard

I am researching KLARNET, which is the maiden surname of my great
grandmother Malke Klarnet, married to Izrael STEINMETZ; I have found
that there was at least one instance where Malke's surname was
seemingly incorrectly entered as GLINERT. I wonder if by some chance
GLINERT and KLARNET are actually the same names. I ponder this
question because I previously learned that KLARRISH and KLARNET were
also found to be the same name, and same family. Sounding
phonetically similar, the name was incorrectly entered and
perpetuated in the recorded.

My great grandparents, as learned in my present day research
findings, didn't register all the births, and understandably none of
the marriages, in the civil record. When some events were registered
it was done in the most convenient place, either the district office
at Rohatyn, or the sub-district at Burshtyn. Then what they were
registering was primarily the deaths of very young children. It
appears, >from this distant vantage point in time, that back in the
second half of the 1800's the STEINMETZes may have been scofflaws,
and this was their way of expressing resistance to the intrusion
of the Hapsburg oppressive administrators. My great grandparents
were located in a rural village location known as Ujazd, Galicia
[coordinates 4920-2443]. I am not certain of the year in which Malke
nee KLARNET was born, but she died in 1920 or 1921 in Rohatyn while
residing with her married daughter Judit nee STEINMETZ and her
husband commonly known as Haskell KREIG, a store keeper in Rohatyn.
Incidently there were also KLARNETs living in Zaluze, which was
directly across the Gnila Lipa River >from Rohatyn.

Other family names connected to KLARNET may have been GRAD, KREISLER,
SPIEGEL, and perhaps TOBIAS. The only other neighbor residing in
Ujazd that I have been able to locate thus far is Mechel GLANZBERG
who was married to Lea STEINMETZ.

Am I striking any familiar chords? Does this sound familiar in any
way? My related families, as it has been told to me, lived in this
tightly Jewishly connected region for about 400 years. However, I
can only go back to the year 1799 when Aba KREISLER and Ester
KLARNET were both born; they were married to one another.

Either way, I would appreciate hearing back >from anyone else who can
add enlightenment.

Currently residing in Boulder,Co.; USA

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