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I've asked this before but since much of my previous corresponce was

In searching my late great grandmother's family, I've come across
several personalities, family names, and/or places which are a
puzzle that I cannot seem to put together.

My great greatuncle, Chaim Dov KANTOR, of the Moshav Meir Shfeya
in Israel, born in Pinsk (or Karlin), writes in his diary of a
rabbinical figure in his family (probably during the first half of
the 19th cent. in Pinsk or Karlin) named Mordechai (RUDINER or
RUZINER), possibly being an AB"D there.

In the course of my search I came across both family names of
SCHATZKES of the famous Lomza Rav who eventually came to Yeshiva
College in New York (RIETS). By coincidence or not, Chaim Dov's
mother's maiden name was SCHATZ, could it have been SCHATZKES and

It was also mentioned to me by one of the WEISFISCH family in
Jerusalem, who are descendants of my above uncle Chaim Dov, of some
connection with Reb Mordechai Gimpel YOFFE who came many years ago
to Eretz Yisrael (to Or Yehuda?).

In various notes and sketches that haven't been verified, it's
mentioned that the SCHATZ side may have stemmed >from the family of
Reb Chaim meVolozhin. >from the KANTOR side appears the name of
Eliezer >from Slonim.

To my question: Does anyone have the family trees of the SCHATZKES
family and this Rav Mordechai Gimpel YOFFE family, and could they
see if Pinsk or Karlin and the name KANTOR or any other details
mentioned above appear there.

Shavua Tov,

Yoni Ben-Ari
Efrat, Israel

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