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[...] In an introduction to a book by R' Shlomo David Epstein, I
found that he lists Tzvi EPSTEIN as being a descendant of Rav Yosef
HaTzadik. I have the following information:

Born: 1726 in Zolkova Died 1801 in Pozna

He was the AB"D in Pozna and he wrote the book Zichron She'erit
Yoseph. He was a son-in-law of Rav Landa (Noda BeYehuda) probably
married to Frieda.

Does anyone have any information on his descendants?
Rabbi Kammelhar, in his biography of the Noda Beyehuda entitled
Mofas Hador, devotes a few page to this Rabbi Yosef. He was indeed
married to Frieda and divorced >from her, although Rabbi K. does not
mention this last point.

He does list some children of Rabbi Yosef (it needs checking whether
all, some or none are >from Frieda; maybe he remarried - but see
later), including.

1) Yehuda. He was married to a daughter of Rabbi Moshe of Satanow (a
son of R. Naftoli Herz, who was a son of the renowned R' Zvi Hersch
of Halberstadt), who was, incidentally, my 4th great-grandfather.

2) Pinchos

At least one grandchild adopted the surname of LANDAU. Rabbi K. lists
several other descendants with the following surnames; FRANKEL of
Turnau, WEINBERG of Dukla, LEZER of Turnau & SCHEENBLUM of Rysza.
(These towns are all in Galicia.)

There is no mention of an EPSTEIN. However, I understand that there
is a website devoted to descendants of the Noda Beyehuda and this
may provided more information.

Leslie Reich, Manchester

[Moderator's Note: A quick web search yielded
http://maxpages.com/nodabyehuda ]

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