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I am trying to connect two ancestral FRAENKEL rabbinic lines without
success so far.

My ancestors on one side were David Koppel Neumark MIRELS-FRAENKEL,
who died in 1657, Vienna, and Rechel Koppel HELLER-WALLERSTEIN who
died in 1664, Vienna. The MIRELS-HELLER-WALLERSTEIN rabbinic line is
fairly well documented.

My ancestors on another side were Issachar Baermann FRAENKEL Halevi
and Nechama BERECH. Both also died in Vienna around the same time
(1662 and 1654, respectively). Issachar was the brother of Koppel
FRAENKEL, and both were the sons of Rabbi Jeremiah Seckel (Isaac)
Halevi >from Baiersdorf, Bavaria.

I'm wondering if these two FRAENKEL lines are connected in some way
or if the FRAENKEL name was just assumed by both lines because they
came >from the same area in Germany. Does anyone have any further
information on the connection, if any?

Cary Aufseeser
Newton, MA

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