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As I posted before I am researching my mmggmother who came to
Palestine >from Pinsk. According to a diary written by her brother,
Chaim Dov KANTOR, (who lived in Shfeya and Zichron Yacov) a certain
Rav. Mordechai, who may hay have been >from Ruzhinoi and served in
Pinsk as a Rabbi was their relative.

In trying to figure out who this Rabbi Mordechai was, I searched
some of the books on Pinsk and listed the Rabbis who served in Pinsk
and/or Karlin during the 19th century and didn't find a Mordechai.
On the orther hand "the Scattered Seeds" on the ZACKHEIM family does
mention a Mordechai ZACKHEIM, who was >from Ruzhinoi and served as a
Rabbi in Pinsk >from 1843-1853. This Rabbi is also mentioned a few
times in Zinowitz' book on the Volozhin Yeshiva.

My questions are: How come this rabbi did not appear in the books I
looked at on Pinsk? Could it be that he did not hold the position of
Rabbi or AB"D of Pinsk?

Can anyone forward me to any of this Mordechai's descendants so I
can check with them if they know of any family connections with us.

I've written to George Sackheim on this question several times but
unfortunately I may have used an old address and have not received
a response. Maybe someone can forward this message to him.

Thank you and Shavua tov (a gutte voche).

Yoni Ben-Ari, Efrat, Israel

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