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I've been told repeatedly that my ggf, Aryeh Lazer BLUMENZON was
either a rabbi or descended >from rabbis. I have never been able to
confirm this. I have recently concluded that it's probably legend,
or he descended matrillineally, and it will be too difficult to
figure out the ancestry. This ancestor probably lived his life in
Lask or Pabianice Poland, but there seems to be evidence he lived in
Aleksandow and Przedborz as well (not far >from those other towns).
His lifespan was likely very short 1860 to 1890 or so, so I'm
thinking more along the lines of "descended >from rabbi" than he was
a rabbi.

As a more general question, how many rabbis were there ever likely
to be in one shtetl? I know the leaders are mentioned in Yizkor
books and other texts, but is it even probable there were other
rabbis, historically unmentioned, in the same town?


Steve Bloom

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