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Francis Lipton, a senior who lives in Toronto, has lost trace of
all relatives on her father's side, LIPSHITZ of Lodz. They were
among the wealthiest families in the early 1900s and were thought to
be all wiped out by Hitler. There were rabbis in the family as well.
Francis recently found a Yiddish letter among her late sister's
possessions dated Jan. 29, 1931, written by Yakov Hilvy SHONFELD who
owned a tire business in Kielce to her father in Lodz. He mentions
his brother-in-law, the late Rabbi Yishua LIPSHITZ as well as Aunt
Zirl KOSLOVSKY who has 'children in the USA.' She says her father's
family (LIPSHITZ) was composed of 11 brothers and 2 daughters and
her grandparents who died in the flu epidemic of 1919. Her father
once said about her uncles that Henoch was an engineer who went to
Switzerland, and another, Mordechay, was a lawyer, the oldest was
Yizhak Meir who was killed in WW1, and an aunt, Franya (Fela),
possibly went to France as a dancer.

Does anyone have any information on Rabbi Yishua LIPSHITZ?

David Price, Toronto
Researching: LIPSHITZ of Lodz

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