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On 2005.04.14, Udi Cain <chaikin@bezeqint.net> wrote:

According to [some], Abigail, Juda Shmuel KATZENELENBUGEN's wife,
was a daughter of Rabbi Mordechai YAFFE >from Posen. This seems to
me to be unlikely. Mordechai YAFFE, according to the Encyclopedia
Judaica, was born in 1535 and died in 1612. Juda Shmuel was born
in 1521, and died in 1597.
There is confusion in a number of sources between Valka JAFFE the
wife of Judah KATZENELLENBOGEN ben Meir WAHL (Judah is the great-
grandson of Samuel Judah KATZENELLEBOGEN) and Abigail the wife of
Samuel Judah KATZENELLENBOGEN ben Meir of Padua. Though both men
were called Judah Katzenellenbogen ben Meir they are separated
considerably in time. This confusion is why the elder man is said to
be the son-in-law of Mordechai the Lebush.

Samuel Judah KATZENELLENBOGEN, the son of Meir Padua, was married to
Abigail. The last name that her son Saul used of WAHL may indicate
that she was of the SHOR/WAHL family since both are translations of
"ox." If that is so, it is likely that her father was Moshe ben
Efrem Zalman SHOR, but I have not seen documentation that can
confirm this.

Incidentally, my research, blame no one but me, indicates that Saul
WAHL's wife Deborah DRUCKER is the daughter of David Yehiel RAPAPORT
who was called Yehiel the Madpis of Vienna. (Madpis and Drucker are
both translations of the word Printer)

Hope this helps.
Deborah Glassman
Elkins Park, PA

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