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On 2005.04.17, Eilat Gordin Levitan <eilat.gordinlevitan@gmail.com>

I posted a picture of HaRav Yechiel SCHLESINGER zt"l, Rosh Yeshiva
and Founder, Yeshivat Kol Torah, given to me by his daughter, Lea
SHULMAN. The picture was taken ca. 1945 in Jerusalem. Could you
look at the picture and tell us if you recognize other ravs in the

It is picture #2 at the following site:
The following replies have been received:

From: Aryeh Lopiansky <alop@netvision.net.il> on 2005.04.18
The Rav standing on the left is Rav Eliezer Silver zt"l of
Aryeh Lopiansky, Jerusalem

From: "Avrohom Krauss" <krauss@actcom.co.il> on 2005.04.18
Standing on the far left is Rabbi Eliezer Silver, former Chief
Rabbi of Cinncinnati OH and President of Agudas HaRabbonim of
the U.S. and Canada, leader of Vaad Hatzala etc.
Avrohom Krauss
Telz-Stone Israel

From: "Shlomo Katz" <SKATZ@ebglaw.com> on 2005.04.18
The rabbi standing at the left appears to be Rav Eliezer Silver
of Cincinnati, Ohio.
Shlomo Katz

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