Rohatyn's Jewish records #galicia

Barb & Howard

My family's ancestral town is Rohatyn, Galicia, currently known as
Rogatin, Ukraine [4925-2437]. There are some limited records, but
they are definitely incomplete.

I am in possession of a copy of a letter written by my grandfather,
to our family in the USA, the week the Russians arrived on the scene
in September 1939. It explains in a sketchy manner who the
individuals were that were involved and how the Jewish records were
being spirited away to a safe place. I deduce that the train's
destination for the records' safekeeping was ultimately in
Stanislaus, the Provincial capital. The letter describes the train
as being fired upon, by the Russians, as it approached Bolechow, and
the train backed up to the town of Stryj where the person
accompanying the records was detained by the Polish army authorities.
The Russians did soon arrive in Stryj. No further explanation was
given in the letter as to what happened to the records. I somehow
hope that the missing records will eventually turn up in some obscure,
perhaps Russian, archive.

Several years ago I forwarded two photos taken in the summer time of
1937. The photos are of the interior of the Rohatyn Kahal Office.
The officers of the Kahal are shown seated behind a table. The
cabinets with the record books can be seen in the background. The
photos were placed on the Rohatyn site asking viewers if they were
able to identify any individuals in the photos. Thus far no one has
come forward to identify the officials and other persons in the 1937
photo. I however know who two of the individuals are who were in the
photos. One is my first cousin, once removed, and his father. It was
summer time; they were evidently in the office to take care of the
last moment documentation to allow travel via the Port of Danzig to
NYC. My 22-year-old cousin was one of those fortunate enough to be
able to obtain documentation [educational visa and Polish military
obligation waiver] to go to live with his aunt in Detroit, Michigan
so that he could continue his university education. I have learned
that such permission to enter the United States was granted by our
State Department outside of the limited Polish quota. My cousin's
parents and all remaining relatives in Rohatyn eventually perished
in the Shoah.

Boulder, Co.

Researching: All spellings in Rohatyn area for: PUDHEISER; GOLDWURM;

MODERATOR'S NOTE: The photographs that Howard describes in his message
appear on one of JewishGen's Rohatyn ShtetLinks pages...

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