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Below is a translated excerpt >from my great-great-grandmother's
Bible (Rosa CITRON JOSEPH, died 1909 at 102). I've been looking for
other information concerning the people mentioned, especially Rabbi
Mordechai of Praga, my ggggg-grandfather, without success. If any
of you have information concerning any of the people named below
(I know who the MaHaRaL of Prague and the SHeLaH are), or the
congregations of Praga, or Shadludava and Vladva in the late 18th
or early 19th century, please respond privately to me.

Thanks very much.

Irene Greenwald Plotzker
Wilmington, Delaware

"In memory of the death of my lord and teacher, my grandfather the
famous Gaon in the chain of noble descent the righteous crowned in
his deeds his glorious name being Mordechai, may his memory be for
blessing. Son of the great Gaon, the head of the Beth Din in the
congregation Vladva and Shadludava... At the end of his days he was
the head of the congregation Praga, near the royal city of Warsaw
and his descent is of Reb Loew of Prague. On his mother's side he
descended of the author of the SheLaH, of the family of HOROWITZ the
Levite. The lights were darkened on the Sabbath in the congregation
of Praga on Rosh Hodesh Iyar in the year 5596 and he was buried on
Sunday of that month [description of large funeral attendance]"

Descendants of Rabbi Mordechai:
Isaac Itzik Ha-Cohen, d. 1812, Koval, Poland, m. Mirel,
d. 1825, Golb, Prussia.
Michael JOSEPH, m. Hayyah*.
Louis (Gedaliah) JOSEPH (also used last
name "LEWIS" of adoptive family), b. 1822, Poland, d. 1875,
Titusville, PA, m. Rosa CITRON, b. Kawul, Poland 1807, d.
Bradford, PA 1909.

*Hayyah was the daughter of Jacob KOPPEL (d. 1825 in
Gluc Goston, Poland, was son of Eleazar Lazar) and Ribak (d.
1831 in Goston, Poland, daughter of Menachem Nohem Ha-Cohen,
who died in Gemblin, Poland).

[MODERATOR'S NOTES: 1) Please respond privately as requested by
the poster. 2) Please note that the Praga referred by the poster
is in Poland, across the Vistula River >from Warszawa.]

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