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I am >from Argentina and I'm looking for descendants of the Rabbis
of Morocco surnamed BIBAS. My ancestors lived in Tetuan >from 1530
until 1967 [...]
There is a Hebrew work "Malchei Rabbonon" by R' Yosef ben Nayam
(Nai'im ?), published in Jerusalem in 1931 (my copy is a photoprint
edition in J'm in 1975). It is a biographical dictionary of Moroccan

The alphabetical order is that of forenames and there is no surname
index, but a quick turning of the pages shows many BIBAS rabbis
listed with some biographical and genealogical details.

A quick scan shows that these include:

1) R' Chaim of the 16th Century of Fez & Tetuan, said to be the
patriach/ancestor of numerous BIBAS rabbis including his son,

2) R' Yosef and

3) the latter's son R' Chaim No. 2.

This last has five named sons listed.

Besides the above, there are entries for a R' Yakov (18th Cent in
Sali) and a R' Eliyohu (19th- Tetuan) and R' Refoel (19th - Sali)
and many more.

Leslie Reich

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