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On 2005.08.01, Miriam Taylor <mtaylor@bio.indiana.edu> wrote:

[...] my grandfather [...] mentions that he is related to both
Rabbi Moshe STERN of Polne Ruscova (Poienile de sub Munte) and to
Rabbi Moshe PANET of Dej. In both cases the exact relationship is
not clear [...]
The rabbi Moshe PANET (1843 - 1903) mentioned was a grandson of
the famous Rabbi Yecheszel of Karlsburg (the Mareh Yechezkel).
The latter, a pupil of the 'Broch Ta'am' was the progenitor of a
prolific Romanian rabbinic and chasidic dynasty whose scions are
flourishing in chasidic circles to this day in USA and Israel.
Information should be available in those circles.

The other rabbi mentioned, Moshe STERN (1852-1923, son of Binyomin)
was a father-in-law of Rabbi Dovid (ben Kalonymus) SPERBER (1875 -
1903). The latter a prolific author of halachic works was Rabbi of
Brasow (spelling ?) in Romania.

Rabbi Dovid has a grandson, Professor Daniel SPERBER, in the Hebrew
University in J'm, I think. When I chatted to him after one of a
series of lectures (on Jewish minhagim - his forte) which he gave
here last year in Manchester, he disclaimed owning an email address.
However, I would suggest Ms. Taylor to contact him.

Leslie Reich

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