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Dear ravsig:

Yoni Ben-Ari's recent message (Aug. 2) on Rabbi Meir Wunder's
genealogy on the MARGULIES dynasty, "Elef Margaliot," prompts this
query. I haven't seen "Elef Margaliot" and would be hard-pressed to
accurately decipher the Hebrew in any case. So I'm seeking help from
fellow rav-siggers in figuring out how/if my MARGULIES/MARGOLIOTH
ancestors >from Zbarazh, Galicia were related to the famous
MARGOLIOTH Rabbinic Dynasty, some of whose members flourished in
that area.

I have four good reasons for believing such a connection exists, and
one reason to believe that it doesn't. The reasons in favor:

1. Two of my MARGULIES relatives told me years ago that the family
was descended >from rabbis.

2. In the 18th Century, two generations of the famous MARGOLIOTH
rabbinical family served as rabbis in Zbarazh, the same town where
my MARGULIES ancestors lived at least as far back as 1750. Zbarazh
had a Jewish population of just 910 in 1765, so it seems likely that
any Jews with such a distinctive name in such a small community
would be related somehow.

3. Rabbi Meir Wunder of Jerusalem, the authority on Galician
rabbinical genealogies, once told me himself that all MARGOLIOTHS
from Eastern Galicia are related.
4. My MARGULIES ancestors in Zbarazh were intermarried with two
other families with famous rabbinic names. My great-great-
grandfather Schaie MARGULIES (1838-1885) married Reizel SCHAPIRA,
daughter of Leib SCHAPIRA (1800-1863). Leib SCHAPIRA's wife
(Reizel's mother) was Czarne BARAK SCHAPIRA (1818-1878), daughter of
Markus BARAK (born about 1790). The name SCHAPIRA is often traced
back to the SPIRA rabbinic dynasty, and Barak is often an acronym
for "ben Reb Kalonymus," indicating descent >from the Kalonymus
rabbinic dynasty. I have no idea if my SCHAPIRA and BARAK ancestors
are of rabbinic descent, but the interconnection of these names is

One reason that casts doubt on a connection:

1. My great-grandfather Louis MARGULIES (1864-1923) was a Levite,
according to his gravestone. I've found nothing in any rabbinic
literature to indicate that the rabbinical MARGOLIOTHs were Levites.

Any help in shedding light on my quest would be appreciated. The
details about my MARGOLIOTH ancestors >from Zbarazh are as follows:
My great-grandfather Louis MARGULIES (1864-1923) was the son of
Schaie MARGULIES (1838-1885), who was the son of Leizer MARGULIES
(1808-1859). Leizer's father's name isn't known, but his mother's
married name was Ruchel MARGULIES (1790-1831). She in turn was the
daughter-in-law of another Ruchel MARGULIES (1750-1834), whose
husband's name also isn't known. I'm speculating that one of these
two Ruchels may have been married to a descendant of the MARGOLIOTH
rabbinic dynasty. But how explain the Levite designation? Thanks for
any help you can provide.

Dan Rottenberg
Philadelphia PA USA

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