Finding photographs from pre-WW2 Poland and post-WW2 Belgium #galicia

Toni Platus


I have started sorting my grandparents' old, pre-WW2 photos of which
there are very few as both my grandparents were Holocaust survivors
who lost many family members during the years of WW2. In fact, my
grandfather was the sole survivor of his immediate family of 8

These photos, which include images of family members who were killed,
are in very poor condition but I have noticed on the back of some of
them a stamp of the photographer responsible for taking these

My grandmother was born in Chrzanow, Poland (family names:
SILBERBERG, FEINTUCH, KRAKAUER, FRAJMAN) and one of the photos has
a circular stamp with "Fotograf Chrzanow RUBIN" on the back. Another
has "Foto-Street Chrzanow, B. Pi?raeklego 17h" on the back. (The
stamp on this photo is very faint and I can't make out one of the

My grandfather was born in Brzesko, Poland (family names:
FEIBYSOWICZ, GARTENBERG). Some of the photos of his family are
stamped "J. SOBOLEWSKI Brzesko" and "Foto-SROKOWA, Brzesko."

My grandparents met as refugees in Brussels, Belgium at the end of
WW2 and got married and had my Mum there too. There are some studio
photos taken of them and some of the relatives that survived the war
with them:

102, rue de Merode, 102

Studio WILLY
32, Bd Botanique, 32

I know it's a very long shot, and I assume that in most cases old
negatives and photos >from pre-WW2 Poland have been destroyed, but
has anyone had any success in tracking down where old photos and
negatives >from these places (or any others) may be found/stored?

Toni Platus
Melbourne, Australia

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