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Family legend has it that my ggggf Israel Joseph WEINBERG was Chief
Rabbi of Jerusalem in the 1870s. I believe he was an Ashkenazic
Jew, born in Polish Russia.
I've been researching for a few months now and have not been able
to find any reference to my ggggf in historical documents [...]
What you were told may have been wishful thinking. I had an
experience several years ago when I was contacted by an individual
in Paris who asked me to research his ancestor who was a rabbi in
Jerusalem in the late 1800s and who, according to this person, was
on the Bet-Din of Rav Shmuel Salanter the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem.
(I may be mixed up on whether it was Israel or Shmuel).

In short, after an extensive search in the national library in
Jerusalem, I found that the ancestor was a sofer sta"m (religious
scribe), had lived in Jerusalem at the time of Rav Salant, and had
to leave Jerusalem under unpleasant circumstances. The father of
this ancestor seems also to have been a rabbi (or atleast referred
to as such by one of the Hebrew newspapers of the time).

One of the leads you can check is with the Chevra Kaddisha of
Jerusalem (start with the Klali) and see if they have a registry on
him. You need his Hebrew name and his father's name and approx.
date of birth.

Yoni Ben-Ari
Efrat, Israel

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