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Mr L Reich <lreich@...>

On 2005.09.03, Mark Weinberg <m_weinberg@verizon.net> wrote:

Family legend has it that my ggggf Israel Joseph WEINBERG was Chief
Rabbi of Jerusalem in the 1870s. I believe he was an Ashkenazic
Jew, born in Polish Russia.
I've been researching for a few months now and have not been able
to find any reference to my ggggf in historical documents [...]
I have checked the indexes of several Hebrew biographical
dictionaries and other works covering the period. These include
Frumkin, Greibowsky, Shoshanah Levy, Gaon and Elchanany. None list a
Rabbi Yisroel Yosef WEINBERG, although there is mention of more than
one other WEINBERG.

He certainly was not a Chief Rabbi: as far as such a post existed
they are all know to me.

Your ancestor may have been very learned and esteemed, but he was
not a prominent public figure in Jerusalem at that time.

Leslie Reich

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