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My great-grandfather was Rabbi Schulem Schachne ZIMRING (b. ca. 1860
in E. Galicia; d. ca. 1920 somewhere in Galicia, probably near
Strusow but not sure). His father, Jacob Samuel ZIMRING, was
supposedly a rabbi too. Below are their known relatives. If anyone
has information about them or their family, I would appreciate the

1. (Rabbi?) Samuel Jacob ZIMRING
__ m. Ruchel ????
____ 2. Rabbi Schulem Schachne ZIMRING b.1860
_______ m. Chaje (b.ca.1860 in Jazlowice) bas Isaac Hersh GROSS
_________ 3. Leizer ZIMRING b.1885 in Moliegnica (1921 in Strusow)
_________ 3. Moses ZIMRING b.1888 in Moliegnica
_________ 3. Deborah ZIMRING b.1890 in Moliegnica
_________ 3. Golda ZIMRING b.1892 in Moliegnica
_________ 3. Hersch Lieb ZIMRING b.1894 in Moliegnica
_________ 3. Dora ZIMRING
_________ 3. Zvi ZIMRING
_________ 3. Samuel ZIMRING b.ca.1905
_________ 3. Sarah "Sally" ZIMRING b.ca.1905
_________ 3. Mendel "Max" ZIMRING b.1907
____ 2. Cipre ZIMRING b.1868
____ 2. Maier ZIMRING b.1862

Howard Zimering

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