Rabbinic Genealogy SIG #Rabbinic Re: Double forenames, the MaHRSHaL and the name Schneur #rabbinic

Mr L Reich <lreich@...>

On 2005.09.05, I had written:

The MaHRSHaL adds the following. "And I, the small one, know that
my grandfather (z'kayni), R' Menachem Tzion, whose father was called
Meir, and whose father-in-law was called Uri, had a son and the same
argument arose."
On 2005.09.09, Larry Tauber <ltauber@ctswlaw.com> replied

I had always seen that the MaHaRSHaL's (R. Shlomo LURIA) paternal
grandfather was R. Avraham LURIA and his maternal grandfather was
R. Yitzchak KLAUBER. Do you know the exact relationship? Did the
MaHaRSHaL mean by "z'kayni" great-grandfather, making Menachem
Tzion the father-in-law of R. Avraham LURIA or R. Yitzchak KLAUBER
or R. Yitzchak KLAUBER's father? Or perhaps even his wife's
Yes, I was a little puzzled about this myself.

One of Larry Tauber's suggestions is probably right.

Leslie Reich

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