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My name is David Behrendt. I have a practical genealogical inquiry
that I'm hoping someone might help me with.

I am a "Kohen" (priest) who, because I decided to look into/verify
my lineage, have cast my status as a Kohen in doubt, and I have been
living in "Kohen limbo" for some time. The only way to resolve the
issue is if I can come up with one more piece of evidence. And that
is where I am in need of assistance.

I need to locate a record of a paternal relative that explicitly
identifies the person as a priest (e.g. says "ha'Kohen"). The best
bets would probably be:

1. Birth/Bris records (Jewish communal)
2. Marriage records (Ketubah)
3. Headstones (depicting the priestly "hands")
4. Relatives (identifying new people in my family tree)

My family name (father's side) is COHN. The COHNs lived in/near the
town of Krotoszyn (Krotoschin) in Posen, at least as far back as my
gr. gr. grandfather. Some time before 1894, my gr. grandfather
moved to Berlin. This was the birthplace of my grandfather and my

Here is what I have as far as names, events, and approximate

Peter COHN (my father); b. April 20, 1927, Berlin.
Esther COHN (aunt/Peter's sister); b. December 24, 1920, Berlin.
Berthold Friedrich COHN (grandfather); b. June 20, 1894, Berlin.
Erna COHN (grandmother, nee Unger); m. 1919-1920, Berlin; d. ~1933,
Hans COHN (great uncle/Berthold's brother); b. ~1896-1900, Berlin;
d. WW1 German Army.
Max/Mannheim COHN (gr. grandfather); b. March 25, 1859, Krotoszyn;
d. around/before 1930, Berlin.
Ida COHN (gr. grandmother, nee Danziger) m. August 1, 1893 Berlin
or Krotoszyn; d. ~1939-43, Berlin.
Mathias COHN (gr. gr. grandfather); b. ~1827-37, Krotoszyn; d. date
unknown, Krotoszyn or Berlin
Johanna COHN (gr. gr. grandmother, nee Auerbach); m. ~1848-58,
Krotoszyn or Berlin; d. unknown date, Berlin or Krotoszyn.

I have been through the JewishGen and JRI-Poland archives with
little success. If anyone would like to lend some assistance or
advice, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks so much,
David Behrendt

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