Rabbinic Genealogy SIG #Rabbinic Confused about the Yaakov Koppels #rabbinic

Todd Brody

I am very confused about the various Yaakov Koppels who lived in the
1700s. I have the following names:

Yaakov Koppel Hasid
Yaakov Koppel Likover
Yaakov Koppel Charif
Yaakov Koppel of Mezhirech

Are any of these the same people? Which was the BESHT's disciple
and chazan? Which claimed descendancy >from Judah HaChasid of

Thanks. Your help is appreciated.

Todd Brody
Englewood, NJ

Searching: BRAUDE (Telz, Alsiad, Plotel), GLASS (Sandomierz, Montreal),
ROSENBERG (Skaryszew, Montreal), GROSSER (Sieniawa, Przemysl, Jaroslaw),
LAMM (Sieniawa, Przemysl, Jaroslaw), FRANKFORT (Sieniawa), ARFA (Biezun,
Zuromin, Sierpc, Plock), MAJ ((Biezun, Zuromin, Sierpc, Plock).

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