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Mordechai Heymann <Marc@...>

On 2006.02.03, Avraham Ofek <avrofek@netvision.net.il> WROTE:

Can anyone please tell me the genealogy of the MaHaRal of Prague?
Ancestors and decendants. Is there a connection with the Lubavitcher
Go to <www.heymannfamily.com>. I have a "proposed" link back to
Dovid HaMelech and some lines of descendants relevant to my family
& several others if you search the databases you will find a
little of the genealogy

Yes, there is a link to the Rebbeim of Lubavitch -

The Rebbe (Rabbi Menachem Mendel SCHNEERSON) is the 14th great
grandson of the MaHaRaL

Also Daniel Loeb has extensive genealogy related to the MaHaRal
m'Prague. Go to http://loebtree.com/

Shavua Tov

Mordechai Heymann
Melbourne Australia

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