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The International Institute for Jewish Genealogy and Paul Jacobi
Center opened this week. Located at the Jewish National and
University Library at Givat Ram, Jerusalem, the new Institute, a
non-profit organization, has two main aims: (1) to engage in Jewish
genealogical research and teaching at the university level and (2)
to make Jewish Genealogy a recognized academic discipline within the
realm of Jewish Studies.

The Institute is the only one of its kind in the Jewish world. It
plans to operate on an interdisciplinary basis and also in a
collaborative way with organizations engaged in aspects of Jewish
genealogy. It will put a premium on innovative programs and projects
of practical benefit to individual family historians.

Its establishment is the result of efforts over the last two years
of an international Founding Committee, headed by Sallyann Sack, of
Washington, DC. and Yosef Lamdan of Israel. Lamdan, a former Israeli
ambassador to the Vatican, has been appointed as Director of the

One of its first projects is an academic symposium to be held in
Jerusalem in September with a view to setting research and teaching
priorities for the new Institute. Experts >from the academic and
genealogical world will be presenting papers.

Its e-mail address is info@IIJG.com.

Gary Mokotoff
Member of Founding Committee

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