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Alan Nathan <anathan@...>

I am researching my G-G-Grandfather, Samuel SPIERS (SPIRO)

from his obituary in the Jewish Chronicle of 17 November 1914 we
read that he was descended >from rabonim on maternal and paternal
sides and I quote "Descended himself >from along line of famous
rabbis on both the maternal and the paternal sides, he was
originally Chief Excise Officer under the. Russian Government and
later was appointed as Chief Administrative Officer of Public Works,
initiated and financed by the late M. Pollakoff"

Samuel was also a well regarded teacher of Hebrew and again I quote
"Among the many thousands of pupils he has imbued with the true
religious spirit and knowledge are several colonial teachers and
ministers, who first received their earliest Jewish training at his
hands. Men like the late Chief Rabbi, Dr. Lerner, and others."

Samuel was married to Rebecca VICTOR and his parents were Ernst
(born Vilnius) and Sophia (born Russia)

Is there anyone who has knowledge of this family or can advise where
I can further research when I will be in London for Pesach.

There are a few other SPIERS who were rabbis in London at that time
but I can not connect them.


Alan Nathan

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