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Assaf Urieli <assaf@...>

On 2006.04.18, Eric Friedman <radonc1970@...> wrote:

I've found out that the Wife of Rabbi Abraham Tzvi Hirsch EISENSTADT,
the author of "Gates of Repentence" (c.1836), was the sister of my
maternal great-great-great-great grandfather Yaakov MATZ. I've traced
the MATZ family to Kovno and Utena.

The only information I have regarding the ancestry of Rabbi
EISENSTADT's wife is that her father's surname might have been JAFFE,
and that one of her brothers might have been named Mordechai JAFFE,
and another brother might have taken the surname RABINOWITZ.
Dear Eric Friedman,

I have a family tree (in Dorotree version) >from one of my mother's
cousins which seems to correspond exactly to much of the information
in your e-mail. Most of the information in this family tree is in
Hebrew, so my transliterations may not be exact.

However, I cannot find any mention of Rabbi Abraham Tzvi Hirsch

Basically, this is what I have:
* Rabbi Dov-Ber Turitser JAFFE or YAFFE (1783-1828) was the father
of four sons and three daughters.
* He is the sixth generation descendent of a great rabbi, Mordekhai
ben Abraham JAFFE, Ba'al ha Levoushim.
* He was rabbi in Kerlits (?) and was known also as Bar Kerlitser.

His children were:
- Rabbi Yoseph Yehoshua *RABINOVITCH*(1846-1932), my own great-
great-great grandfather, who changed his name to RABINOVITCH to
avoid being conscripted into the Russian army (not sure why this
- Rabbi Chaim Zalman JAFFE (?-1890)
- Rabbi *Yaakov MATZ* (presumably your maternal great-great-great-
great grandfather) - he had a few sons, one of whom was called
Shneyer - I have a bit of info about Shneyer's sons as well
- Rabbi *Mordekhai Gimpl JAFFE*(I have quite a bit of info about
- Miriam JAFFE, married Yona LORIAH (?)
- Batya Frida JAFFE, married Rabbi Ezriel Ab'd of Rezhitsa (first
husband). Married Nahum haCohen Kook of Lublin (2nd husband). She
was the grandmother of haRav KOOK, first chief Ashkenazi rabbi in
the British Mandate of Palestine
- ? (daughter) JAFFE, married Nathan Nate LORIAH

I'll try to collect all of the information I have into a document I
can send you.

Please send on any information you have.

Best regards,
Assaf Urieli
Toulouse, France

RABINOVITCH: Mariampol (Marijampole, Lithuania); JAFFE/YAFFE: Prague
(Praha, Czech Republic), Karelichy (Belarus), Turets (Belarus);
MEVSOS: Mariampol (Marijampole, Lithuania); YOSELOVITCH: Shavl
(Siauliai, Lithuania), Mazheik (Mazeikiai); SCHUTZ or SCHULTZ: Shavl
(Siauliai, Lithuania), South Africa; ABRAMOV: Ange/Anje (Dagestan),
Petah Tikva (Israel); SVATITSKY: Petah Tikva (Israel);

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