Rabbinic Genealogy SIG #Rabbinic Looking for RJJ students from the 1920s #rabbinic

Todd Brody

My grandfather graduated >from RJJ on the Lower East Side in 1928.
I would love to talk to someone who went to the school to get a
perspective of what the school was like during that time period. If
anyone knows someone who I could talk with (even if it is >from the
1930s) I would be appreciative.

Also, if anyone wants a copy of the graduation picture >from 1928, I
can send it to them.

Please contact me privately.

Todd Brody
Englewood, NJ

BRAUDE (Telz, Alsiad, Plotel), GLASS (Sandomierz, Montreal),
ROSENBERG (Skaryszew, Montreal), GROSSER (Sieniawa, Przemysl,
Jaroslaw), LAMM (Sieniawa, Przemysl, Jaroslaw), FRANKFORT
(Sieniawa), ARFA (Biezun, Zuromin, Sierpc, Plock), MAJ ((Biezun,
Zuromin, Sierpc, Plock).

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