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Yosaif Dubovick <ymd000@...>

On 2006.06.29, Claire Sztern <claire.sztern@...> asked:

Does anybody know who was called the "Gaon of Zelechow" in Poland?
On 2006.06.30, M. Griffel <barmag@...> responded:

You might be referring to Rabbi Shimon ENGEL, known as R' Shimon
Zelichower [...]
On 2006.07.03, Leslie Reich <lreich@...> wrote:

About five years ago, a sefer with chidushim of R' Shimon
Zelichower, was published. Its preface contains much biographical
material. I do not have the work as it was only lent to me for a day
and its title escapes me.
If it is indeed R' Shimmel'eh Zhelechover, the title of the sefer is
Naharei Aish, and I have a copy.

Rabbi Yosaif M. Dubovick
Betar Illit, Israel

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