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roe kard

Does anyone know anything or have any resource suggestions for
why/how Jews were chosen and sent to Siberia by the Russians in
1939-1942 and what life was like there? My father's uncle was a
schochet (ritual slaughterer), at that time or earlier had been
schochet to the Belzer Rebbe and part of the family, and is the only
one of my father's father's family to have survived because they
were in Siberia during the war. I know that one son had been eaten
by wolves or dogs there, one went down on one of the boats carrying
Jews out of Europe and the third survived and my father brought
these very broken family members to America where the uncle and his
son were schochtim, or at least registered as such on their death

Thank you (yet again) for your help/input.
Gitel Chaya Etta Rosenfeld Rokart
(usually known as Karen Rosenfeld Roekard)

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