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In my research of my genealogy I have come across the name of Rabbi
Meir JOLLES - also spelt JULLES - Rabbi of Krakovets, Ukraine
(formerly Krakowiec, Poland). I have very little information on him;
he appears once in Meorei Galitzia of Rabbi Meir Wunder, mentioned as
the father-in-law of Elimelech FERN of Rudki. I know that he was also
the father-in-law of Rabbi Chaim Yehudah GUNSBERG (GINZBERG), though
R. Wunder mistakenly writes that he was the son-in-law of the
above-mentioned Elimelech FERN. Based on what I know of the latter
two, I estimate that Rabbi Meir JOLLES was born about 1810. Has anyone
heard of him, and if so, does anyone have more information on him?

(Note: "Sefer Zikne Machne Yehuda", section 6, subsections 16-17 is
quoted as a source for further information on him. This book is quite
rare, but can be found in several libraries with large Judaica
collections, including the Library of Congress and the Yeshiva
University library, though none of these are in a reasonable distance
from my residence.)
P. Y. Mund

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