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briena klang <bribrukla@...>

To whom it may concern,

I am researchin;g my family history and am looking for information
about my ancestors and to contact any living relatives.

I am looking for

FRIEDMAN - Rabbi Zusha FRIEDMAN of Odessa, who was related to the
famous FRIEDMAN Rabbis of Ruzin.

HALPERIN - Rabbi Abraham Leib (Full name- Abraham Zarach Aryeh
Yehudah Leibish) and Rabbi Joel HALPERIN, of Brzezany, formely known
as Brezahn.

MOSKOWITZ - Rabbi Yoel MOSKOWITZ, who was a rabbi in the town of

I am also looking for information about Rabbi Chaim HALBERSTAM -
particularly his descendants.

Thank you for your time.

B. Klang

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